Baby & Pre-Primary Ballet For Young Children

Ballet helps children develop physical strength, agility, and musicality, good concentration, and generates a love of movement. Give your child an early start to a rewarding enjoyable dance experience.

Children as young as 2+ years are able to experience the joy of dancing to music. Ballet helps young children develop good posture and develop their co-ordination. The shorter duration is perfect for young children to learn foundation ballet movements in a fun way.

Age Guidelines for Young Children

Level Suggested age
Baby Ballet 1 Year the child turns 3 (born 2015)
Baby Ballet 2 Year the child turns 4 (born 2014)
Pre-Primary Year the child turns 5 (born 2013)
Primary Year the child turns 6 (born 2012)

Ballet Attire

If your child does not have existing ballet attire he/she may attend the trial class in comfortable clothing of stretchable material (fitting t-shirt and leggings work well) and a pair of socks. Upon enrolment our students are required to purchase our uniform at $65 and ballet socks at $6. A complimentary pair of ballet shoes will be given for new enrolment.

Course Fees

Level Class Duration (mins) Trial Class Term Fees (1x/wk 3 months) Term Fees (2x/wk 3 months)
Baby Ballet 1-2 45 $30 $297 -
Pre-Primary 45 $30 $297 -
Primary 45 $30 - $594

There is a $30 registration fee and $150 deposit (refundable with 1 calendar month written withdrawal notice).

We accept cash, cheque and fund transfer to our DBS Current Account 003-930663-6 (preferred). There’re no NETS and credit card facilities at our premise.

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Come for a 45 minutes trial class with our friendly teachers. Comfortable fitting clothes of stretchable fabric along with a pair of socks is all your child needs.